This is the home page for the Contra Borealis Dancers. Home is where the dance starts.

You can find our dance calendar here or click on the Events Calendar link above.


Dance Camp Registration now open! Join us at Lost Lake to the fine music of the Mean Lids and the fabulous Mary Wesley from Vermont as our guest caller.

Summer 2016 Dance Schedule

Fri. June 3 – Swing Dogs with David Maxwell
Fri. June 10 – Ice Jam with caller Lynn Basham
Fri. July 22 – Caitlin Warbelow and friends from the Summer Fine Arts Festival
Sat. Aug. 20 – Raven Call with Barbara Braley
Fri. Sept. 2 – Mean Lids with caller Mary Wesley – our guest artists for Dance Camp North

Who We Are

The Contra Borealis Dancers is the contradance organization in Fairbanks, Alaska.

We are an open and cross-generational group of folks who enjoy building a community with dancing to live music. We have dancers from 12 to 82 years of age (and sometimes younger). Contradances, square dance, waltzes and occasional schottisches, hambos and polkas are in our repertoire. More than just an opportunity for social dance (and some exercise), we strive to be a community of dancers, musicians and callers.

Every year on Labor Day weekend, we have a dance weekend called Dance Camp North, located at Lost Lake an hour south of Fairbanks.

Feel free to attend any of our events, no partner necessary and instructions are given at each dance. You can see more about our community and our dances under Organization

We are a member of the Country Dance and Song Society, the mothership of contradance for the U.S. and Canada. Check out all their resources.