There will be an auction at camp and you can help!

Whether you are able to attend all the fun at dance camp this year, or would like to be part of supporting future camps and fun events like the In-town Dance and Winter Fest. Your donation makes a difference!

Here are some ideas of what you might consider donating.

  • Airplane ride, river boat ride, horse back ride
  • Fishing trip, dip or fly
  • Alaska Air miles– travel for business and have an abundance of air miles? Share 25,000 with Contra Borealis!
  • Art work, your or some that you have appreciated
  • Cooking a meal for 4 at your place or theirs
  • Planting a flower or vegetable garden (makes a great gift for elderly or someone that is too busy in spring)
  • Help harvest a garden (can & freeze)
  • Smoke fish and process (jar, can, freeze)
  • Bike tune-up
  • Splitting someone else’s wood with your splitter or theirs, stacking their wood
  • Teaching a lesson, dancing, snowboarding, banjo, guitar, mandolin, bodhran, penny whistle, juggling, bowling, etc
  • Detail a vehicle
  • Knit or crochet custom items (mittens, hat, afghan)
  • Sing or play for someone’s event
  • Donate the tent that is too big or too small for your family
  • Canoe or kayak you are going to upgrade
  • Camping mats, cookware, backpacks
  • Dance shoes, dresses, skirts, Hawaiian shirts
  • Jewelry, hair combs
  • Bake your favorite dessert or offer one to be had in future
  • Blueberries, Raspberries, Jams, syrup, etc

Please bring items to Camp or the Friday in-town dance, if not attending camp. If you are donating a service please make a written presentation to help sell your kind and well thought out effort. Fill out this form so we can track your donation, especially if you are a business so we can thank you.


For more info contact Holly @ 907-479-0388 or