We are delighted that Dance Camp North will return to Lost Lake over Labor Day weekend Aug. 31 through Sept. 2, 2024. There will also be a Friday night dance at the Pioneer Park Dance Hall. Registration is now LIVE

Registration link: https://forms.gle/SSmm359NEKHuPk7E8

Dance Camp North 2024 Printable Registration Form

If you have questions or are interested in volunteering for camp planning, please contact coordinator@contraborealis.org


Dance Camp Guest Artists

Our guest talent will be Eloise & Co. with Becky Tracy and Rachel Bell, accompanied by Max Newman. Caller will be Susan Petrick of Redwood City, CA.


Timing, location, and logistics

Dance Camp starts with a kick-off dance in Fairbanks Friday evening, August 30, 2024 at 7:45 pm. We will have a potluck starting at 7:00 pm.

Campers will make their way to Lost Lake Camp on Saturday morning, August 31, where check in begins at noon. Light snacks will be available. The Saturday dance will begin at 8:00 PM.

The farewell dance on Monday, Sept. 2 will end at 3:30 pm.

Dance Camp North is located about an hour south of Fairbanks along the Richardson Hwy. There is a plywood dance floor.


Registration and fees

Getting into Camp: There are 100 openings at camp, so we encourage you to register early. Register here: https://forms.gle/SSmm359NEKHuPk7E8

The cost is $250 for adults whose registration is made online or postmarked before August 1, and $275 after August 1. Admission includes all dances, workshops, meals, and lodging. Registration is for the entire weekend only.

Acceptance: you Will receive an acceptance letter and Camp information by email, unless you ask for it by mail.

Cancellation: Registrations are not transferable. If you need to cancel, we will offer the spot to the first person on the waitlist. Your registration fee may be refunded, less a cancellation charge. The later you cancel, the larger the charge: $30 until August 1, $70 from August 2- 15, and after August 15 your registration fee will not be refunded. However, if your cancellation is due to illness or extraordinary circumstances, please let us know and we will consider a possible refund.


Lodging, meals, and activities

Catering: We are welcoming back the excellent local caterer Joe Hardenbrook, known from the food truck Hard Eats!  He will plan the menu to accommodate basic dietary preferences. If you have very specific requirements or allergies (eg. absolutely no gluten, no dairy), we suggest you bring your own food items to support your needs.

Accommodations: We reserved a limited number of rustic, shared cabins with 8 to 12 bunks each.  There are also 11 designated campsites, and a small number of parking spaces big enough for RVs. There is no hookup for RV wastewater. Sleeping bags and pillows are not provided, and be prepared for possible cold nights. There are bathhouses with hot showers. Bring your own towels and toiletries.

No lake access is permitted as we did not reserve waterfront or hire a lifeguard. There are several wonderful trails to overlooks where you can view the lake and see distant mountains.

Absolutely no pets, unregistered guests, or alcohol are allowed at Lost Lake Camp, not even in the parking lot!



Scholarships: Campers on a tight budget who are willing to give extra time and effort may apply for a scholarship to attend Camp for half price ($130). We estimate 10 scholarship slots are available (in exchange for up to 7 hours of work). If you select this option, we will contact you about availability for camp set-up/take-down and other jobs.

Please contact Abigail Schiffmiller if you wish to receive a scholarship. 505-603-3166, abigail.schiffmiller {at} gmail.com

Verbal or email confirmation is required before you register with the scholarship price. Contact Abigail and get registered right away, as scholarships are first-come, first-serve!


Kids and Families

Some families bring full-time caregivers for young children. Non-dancing caregivers may attend Camp for a reduced cost. Childcare is not provided. Caregivers are responsible for supervising children at all times.

Toys and clothing should have name tags, and toys should be removed from common spaces after use.

Unregistered guests are not allowed at Camp.


Camp Rules

The Midnight Sun Council has a few rules for Lost Lake Scout Camp:

  • Please park in parking lots. The roadway needs to be clear for traffic to pass. Parking near
    campsite/cabin for loading/unloading purposes only.
  • No chopping of firewood, tinder, or kindling inside camp buildings.
  • No pets in camp.
  • ATV’s, Snow machines, and UTV’s require special BSA training and a permit to be used on Council property.
  • No fires except in stoves and existing constructed fire rings.
  • No white gas, kerosene, gasoline, or diesel appliances inside the buildings. Propane may only be used in an approved appliance.
  • Do not move furnishings. This includes beds, mattresses, tables, benches, etc.
  • No Lifeguard on site, swim at own risk.
  • Bring your own paper products and sleeping gear.
  • All cabin users will sweep and clean their cabins prior to leaving.
  • Don’t harass the wildlife.
  • The use of firearms is prohibited. Don’t bring them.


Dance Camp 2024 COVID Policy

Let’s be frank. It appears that, in the last year, every dance weekend with optional masking has led to at least a few COVID infections. Still, the numbers of reported cases have been, statistically, low. Some people have also become infected at dance weekends that required masking. You should assume there will be some amount of active COVID virus available on the dance floor. You need to make your own personal choices on how to protect yourself.

– Proof of a negative rapid/ over-the-counter covid test will be required to enter the Camp. Please provide your own tests and bring extra tests to Camp in case symptoms develop. (Proof could be a photo of the negative test.)
– Masks are admired but not required.
– Vaccination is desired but not required.

– Anyone who tests positive or who has symptoms before or during the weekend needs to immediately remove themselves and notify the organizers.

– If someone becomes symptomatic or tests positive during the weekend, we ask all their traveling companions or roommates to self-test each day.

-If you test positive for covid just PRIOR to Dance Camp, please immediately contact Christin Swearingen for a potential refund. (coordinator@contraborealis.org)

– We ask that you report to the organizers all cases of COVID so that we may have full understanding of how well our policies are working. We will keep any reporting strictly confidential but we may make an anonymous report of just the number of cases that likely came out of the weekend.

In addition we recommend that folks tighten their exposure circle in the days before camp.

We reserve the right to change this policy based on evolving CDC guidelines.

Thank you to our sponsors!
To sponsor camp and help us provide scholarships, please fill out this form: https://forms.gle/rgp7rDKS8vQswp8S8

Country Dance and Song Society


Recommended Packing List:

water bottle
cup or mug (for hot drinks)
cloth napkins
warm sleeping bag, pillow
towel, toiletries, soap, shampoo, hair dryer, shower shoes/ flip flops—no street shoes in the bath house shower area helps to reduce mud
alarm clock/watch
earplugs (in case there is a snorer in your cabin or if the decibel level on the dance floor seems too loud for you)
prescription medications, Epi-pen (if you have severe allergies), eye drops, supplements,
Ibuprofen, moleskin, band aids, ace bandages, knee/arm braces, medical insurance card
beach blanket or towel, bathing suit, water toys
bug dope, bug bite reliever
light-weight clothes for warm sunny weather and for hot dancing (it gets warm in the Lodge)
warm clothes (layers) for cool weather & rain gear, multi-purpose coat, warm hat
non-marking dance shoes
shoes for walking around outside
extra foods if you are on a special diet or have a desire for something special
checkbook, cash or credit card for the Auction
musical instruments (especially if you want to participate in workshops)
phones (work in some areas of Camp)
amusement for your children
outdoor equipment: bikes, etc.