The Contra Borealis Dance Camps started in 1986 under the predecessor organization University Contradancers. Moving from Harding Lake to Lost Lake facilities allowed it to grow from 75 to up to 120 campers. It is most recently scheduled on Labor Day weekend, a perfect time for Indian Summer and potential auroral displays.
2023The Engine Room, in town Fri-Sun
2022 – Cancelled due to COVID-19
2021 – Cancelled due to COVID-19
2020 – Cancelled due to COVID-19
2019Maivish, caller Sarah VanNorstrand
2018The Stringrays, caller Lisa Greenleaf
2017Contra Sutra, caller Michael Karcher
2016The Mean Lids, caller Mary Wesley
2015The Syncopaths, caller Susan Michaels
2014Nor’easter, caller Nils Fredland
2013 – Great Bear Trio, caller Adina Gordon
2012Hillbillies from Mars, caller Larry Edelman
2011Tidal Wave, caller Will Mentor
2010Groovemongers, caller Robert Cromartie
2009 – Great Bear Trio, caller Gaye Fifer
2008 – Hillbillies from Mars, caller Beth Molaro
2007 – Lift Ticket, caller Woody Lane
2006 – no dance camp
2005 – Moving Violations, caller Kathy Anderson
2004 – Clayfoot Strutters, caller Ron Buchanan
2003 – Wild Asparagus, caller George Marshall
2002 – Hillbillies From Mars, caller Joseph Pimental
2001 – KGB, caller Erik Weberg
2000 – Hillbillies From Mars, caller Kathy Anderson
1999 – Footloose, caller Mary Devlin
1998 – Evening Star, caller Susan Kevra
1997 – Clayfoot Strutters, caller George Marshall
1996 – Yeah Buddies, caller Ron Buchanan
1995 – Wild Asparagus, caller George Marshall
1994 – Ruthie Dornfeld, Jeremiah McLane & Paul Kotapish, caller David Kaynor

Dance Camp moves from Camp Bingle at Harding Lake to the Lost Lake Boy Scout Camp

1993 – Hillbillies From Mars, caller Steve Zakon-Anderson
1992 – local bands, caller John Krumm
1991 – Wild Asparagus, caller George Marshall
1990 – local bands, caller Kathy Anderson
1989 – local bands, caller Sue Truman, Tony Mates
1988 – local bands, caller Dan O’Connell
1987 – local bands, caller Lars Walker
1986 – local bands and callers

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