The Contra Borealis Dancers are fortunate to have local bands and callers for dances. Here are links for some of them.


  • Celtic Confusion – the longest running Celtic band in Fairbanks, though some of the members are much younger. Contact Colleen Herning 907-347-1452
  • Swing Dogs – An acoustic dance band playing traditional and contemporary tunes for contra dancing, weddings, garage and supermarket openings and mushing events. Charlie, Nancy, Carol, and at least one young fiddler. Contact Charlie Hunt 907-488-1216
  • Ice Jam – Skip, Seth, Rebecca, Sarah and Kayt with an eclectic mix of tunes. Seth Danielson 388-1804
  • Gaelic Fusion – a blend of celtic styles – Quebecois, Irish, with smatterings of old time and Scandinavian. Contact Gary Newman 907-488-2001
  • Raven Call – A mix of musicians who have created a different sound for dances.
  • Lost Dogs – an old time group that plays for square dances in Ester, but worthy of mention. Contact Pete Bowers 907-978-1980


  • Lynn Basham – 907-378-1000
  • Barbara Braley – 907-457-8957
  • David Maxwell –
  • David Kreiss-Tompkins – 907-747-5387- new up-and-coming caller, but maybe moving back to Sitka
  • Jess Winn –
  • Fairbanks Callers Collective – a promising development in 2014, made of veterans of David Kaynor’s calling class for Winter Dance Weekend Feb. 2014. They have not been active of late, but hope springs eternal by this webmaster. If you are interested in joining a group of folks learning to call, contact for more info. It needs rejuvenation!