The Contra Borealis Dancers are the contradance group in Fairbanks, Alaska. Formed in 1999 with the disbanding of the University Contradancers when it became too difficult to get space at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) for our twice monthly dances. We are members of the Northern Lights Council of Dancers who own and maintain the Dance Hall at Pioneer Park.

Membership and Admission

Membership is only $20/year and, if you are a student/young adult under 26 years of age, only $15/year. Membership provides a discount on regular dances and is required for Dance Camp North.

Regular dance admission is:
Adult members $8
Adult non-members: $10
Young adult (under 26) members: $5
Young adult (under 26) non-members: $7
Dancers under 13 years old: no charge

Board of Directors

A contradance organization is typically run by volunteers and Contraborealis Dancers is no different. Board meetings are open to all Contra Borealis Dancers members. Contact if you have interest.


  • Abigail Schiffmiller
  • Tim Coahran
  • Alisabeth Thurston Hicks
  • Alan Braley
  • Gary Newman


Organization Bylaws