Annual meeting

Contra Borealis Dancers held their annual meeting last night in conjunction with a benefit chili-fest for a dancer who lost her house in a fire a little while ago.

We approved last year’s minutes, had oral reports from various board and involved members from past year’s activities and for direction on this next year. We also did some cleanup on our 1998 bylaws by adding the position of vice-president and by assigning the selection of officers to the board rather than the general membership.

A new board was elected by the membership (24 people present):

    Andie Rice
    Gary Newman
    Tom Lyngholm
    Alan Braley
    Theresa Vick
    Will Hargrove
    Kelly Egger
    Curtis Watkins
    Susan Delisa

Thanks went out to out-going president Barbara Braley for her many years of service. She volunteered to co-coordinate scheduling.

Following the annual meeting, the new board met and elected officers for the next year.

    President: Andie Rice
    Vice-president: Gary Newman
    Tom Lyngholm: Secretary
    Alan Braley: Treasurer

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