Winter Dance Weekend thanks

Thanks to all those who volunteered to help with Winter Dance Weekend. It makes these events possible.

Gary Newman, Andie Rice, Charley and Lynn Basham, Theresa Vick, Will Hargrove, Christina Martin, Chena Newman, Tim Coahran, Tom Lyngholm, Carol Kaynor, Charlie and Maggie Whittaker, Maria Berger, Art Trewholme, Kathy Taylor Yokel, Barbara Braley and others, particularly in breaking down and hauling out sound equipment after the evenings’ events.

A special thanks to Max Newman, David Kaynor and Betsy Branch for flying up to Alaska in the winter to play and call for our event(s). We are pleased that we had some lovely aurora during their stay.

If attendees have any feedback, please send to sooner than later.

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